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Playing at the local business tonight

We are going to hit the streets again and play music for people.

Today is basically the last day of Carnaval and there is a parade tonight at 9pm, so we will play at this big church by the sea around 5pm for a couple of hours.

If it is really busy out there we can make a good chunk of money too while playing. We don’t play for money but it is just icing on the cake more or less. Sometimes we make up to $100 on a good day, and this pays for my food each month. The local business likes when we play in front because they get more HVAC sales that day, as they are an HVAC company which sells heating and cooling equipment to the local people. This summer we are going to start playing in all of the beach bars in town and if it goes well then we will try other towns as well. I can cut back my HVAC tech hours at the heating dealership if we start making good money playing. I dream of one day traveling around the country doing shows in different towns while living in a nice big RV. I could do some HVAC technology writing while my bandmate drives us in air conditioned luxury to our next gig in a nearby town. I think it would be fun to do for about six months, but doing it for years would probably get old, as I like to be around my old friends here in this cool little beach town we live in.

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