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Flat tires and washable filters

I got a little flat tire problem that I need to fix today.

I was going to take the wheel off and put on a new tube, but the nuts on the back tire frame are so rusty that I can’t budge them at all. I even tried some oil and waited, but they still won’t move a bit. I guess I could take it to a bike repair place, but then they will probably charge me about $30 to replace a $4 tube. I will try plan B, which is to just repair the tube. My HVAC tech friend gave me a repair kit so I am going to see if it is repairable and get the job done in a few minutes. Then I can ride my bike around town and look at what is going on with the big parade tonight. I just don’t want to get trapped on the street like last night so I am going to try and be home before the parade starts. The local businesses will all be closed later and my heating and cooling company is going to close up early today too so they can all go watch the parade. It will start at 9pm and I want to be home by about 7pm so I can avoid the loud crowds that will be gathering in the streets. I’m not big on parades and I also need to clean my washable HEPA filter this evening so that I can sleep while the HVAC system cleans the air. It should be a fun night.

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