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The roof was all over the fairgrounds

The fairgrounds in my county have been there since the 1730’s, and the buildings aren’t that old, but I think they have been there for fifty years or more, then all of the buildings could use a facelift, sadly, there is not a lot of money in the county budget to service up the site; People have moved out of the country and into the neighborhood and there’s no money coming into the budget for improvements like that. After last week’s storm, I don’t think there’s much hope that the fairgrounds are even going to remain open, then my associate and I had 2 inches of rain on Friday and then another inch of rain on Monday, on Monday, my friend and I had another inch of rain and that’s when the winds were the hardest. Some of the wind gusts were up to 73mph, including the wind gust that ripped the roof off the top of the grand stand. The roof was scattered in bits and pieces all over the fairgrounds. The next afternoon, the wash up crew scrambled to wash up the mess before the next surge of rain began; When the commercial roofing supplier came to assess the disfigurements, I was laboring in the office; I was listening to the commercial roofing business that came to provide my boss an estimate. The roofing replacement and repairs are significant and the county is not going to hand over those funds to a dying institution like the county fair. The money would be much better spent to service up the youth center. The building and the parking lot has been abandoned for six years and it’s a real shame that the site sits vacant.


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