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I am not halfing the spray foam roof 50/50

My hubby plus I don’t make the same amount of currency… We are pretty close when it comes to funds but I would say she makes 30 grand more than me per year, but so I feel that extra change should be factored in when it comes to the bills; I didn’t feel my pal and I should split the mortgage, groceries, gas, water plus electricity 50/50. We had to hash it out quite a bit to get a system that works. We were happy for quite a while, then recently my hubby was talking about major substitutes to the home. What happens when the Heating plus A/C goes? Do my pal and I split that down the middle? What about the roof? My hubby is all upset about our current spray foam roof. They say it lasts 20 years; Our roof is 19 years seasoned currently. It is in great shape. I don’t feel that in a year suddenly our roof is going to leak! My hubby is upset that it will need to be fully substituted plus cost us several thousands, she is talking about a 50/50 split. I personally don’t care if my pal and I get a new roof. If it leaks, let us get a spray foam roof repair. If she is too upset about it now, call for spray foam roof maintenance. I want to limp the roof as far as it can go. My hubby is all eager to get it fixed up ASAP! No matter what, I am not breaking that cost right down the middle. She needs to shell out more for it.
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