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Holding steady

I bought this stock a few years ago, almost at its entirely peak, & now it has dropped about 95%.

It seems to be bottomed out though, & five weeks from now the supplier is supposed to start making cars finally.

They began this supplier back in 2014 & now, nine years later, they are finally looking to build some cars & dig themselves out of this big hole they got into. It will be interesting to see what happens to the price of the stock next month, especially seeing that it is at 64 cents a share right now. Heating & Air Conditioning systems in the motorcar are entirely the selling point, as the air conditioning & heat in the motorcar are supposed to labor amazingly. I guess my friend and I will find out soon because once they start building them they will be selling them like deranged a few weeks later. I have a feeling that my heating rep is going to buy one of the cars just so she can try the heat pump on a cold afternoon. I don’t have the money to buy one of the cars, unless the stock shoots up to about $500 a share or more. Then I could buy one or two & still have money left over to buy the latest central Heating & Air Conditioning system for my flat. If it hit that amount then I would have like 5 million bucks, ha yeah right! I could buy my own local supplier & do my musical gigs there & have the place packed each night with cold a/c in the sizzling summers.

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