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EV stocks

I am hoping that my EV stocks take off before summer time so that I can buy a small equipment for my bedroom to keep me cool this summer.

My roommate appreciates it sizzling at night & I like it ice cold, so I feel a small equipment in my room is going to be the best solution for this issue. I want to get something which is really efficient so my power bills aren’t really high during the sizzling months of the summer. Last summer time I got some pretty high power bills & I could have bought three mini split air conditioning units for how much I was paying with those bills from running the central Heating & Air Conditioning system so much. I have a flatmate now, which helps a lot with the bills, & I feel my friend and I should be fine this summer time even if it is a sizzling one like last year. I am also going to labor more at the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier down the road doing more HVAC duct sales & repair calls, so that I can have some money in the bank in case I need it. I don’t know if I will go back to the States this summer time because it costs a lot of money to go back, even if it is just for a couple of weeks. My local supplier buddy back home always has Heating & Air Conditioning unit labor for me when I go back but I don’t want to go back just to labor for him the whole time. I guess I will come up with a solution to this.
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