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Zoned AC for my pregnancy

Since I have gotten pregnant I have really tried to be healthier.

  • I have always worked out, but I am on it now.

I work out an hour every single day. I stretch beforehand, do a bit of cardio and strength training. I also either go for a swim or a walk in the middle of the day as well. I have eliminated stress from my job too. I don’t want to get anxious or have panic attacks anymore while carrying my child. Good skincare and a healthy diet are crucial as well. Another thing I realized that I absolutely need is cooling. I have told my husband this is the last summer pregnancy I will do. A pregnant woman actually does run hotter. You also don’t want to overheat because it could hurt the baby. So I basically stay inside all day long. We used to have an inferior AC system. It barely functioned and hardly kept the house cool. My husband and I were hesitant to spend the money for a new system. Well I decided that I needed quality AC to keep my body feeling good and not to get nauseous. I invested in a zone control capable cooling system. We now have indoor air handlers and thermostats in all of the rooms. This is great because it saves energy. I run only AC in the office during the work day. The rest of the house can be hot and save me energy. Then I only have AC on in the bedroom at night. I never have the wrong temperature but I don’t needlessly waste my money on the guest room or the laundry room that doesn’t get used.