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With the heat pump, humidity issues are eliminated

That explains why entering from outside feels so crisp and cool

The temperatures are rising. The temperatures will soon almost exactly match the humidity levels. It can be extremely unpleasant to deal with that pair when they wake up in the 90s and continue to hover around the century mark. For this reason, each of us has a residential HVAC system that focuses on air conditioning. We require cooling rather than heating. But it’s par for the course. Additionally, the harshest part of the summer around here only lasts for about four months. A cold front that gives us a brief reprieve could come our way, but that’s pretty uncommon. But even with that, I prefer a hot summer to the kind of winter our northern neighbor’s experience. Having tasted that mess for a split second, I immediately ran back to the heat pump. There are eight months of great weather in addition to our hot and muggy summer. And as our winter comes to an end, I’ll wrap up the best aspect of the weather. The first heat pump that I’ve ever heard turn on for air conditioning even started running the other day. The heat pump actually maintains equilibrium in our homes’ humidity levels because of the cooling process. That explains why entering from outside feels so crisp and cool. The level of humidity throughout much of the year would be disastrous if it weren’t for this incredible HVAC technology. The issue goes beyond simply being uncomfortable with the heat and humidity. No, we would all be dealing with mold and mildew mitigation throughout the summer if the heat pump’s humidity control wasn’t in place.

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