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The HVAC technique takes me back

Now that I’m in my seventies, I genuinely feel as though a lot of things in my life are coming full circle. The situation is truly peculiar. I’ve reconnected with old friends, and swimming is now something I adore. I was among the guys who, during the summer, never stayed inside an air-conditioned space. I used to swim almost every day because I lived a few blocks from a large lake. My interest and enjoyment in road trips have returned. I recently experienced a feeling that had not been present since I was a child while visiting my son’s new home. That is incorrect because radiant heating was installed in my dorm room, so no. However, it felt like I was a child again when I entered my son’s new home. Radiant floor heating is used by his geothermal heat pump to transfer heat energy. It was like entering my grandparents’ home again when I was around seven. I actually needed a moment to collect my thoughts. My body was suddenly jolted by that potent memory sensation. But I soon understood what I liked so much about this kind of heating technique. Radiant heating gives you the impression of being wrapped in a warm blanket. That is undoubtedly how the radiant floor heating provided by the geo heat pump felt. I no longer need much heating because I live in the south. But man, I sure will enjoy driving to my son’s house once more next winter. I’m also looking forward to the summer trip to see how the geothermal heat pump’s air conditioning performs.