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My furnace isn’t worth it

I am not a real big fan of my furnace.

The heating system is constantly a pain in the butt.

It is a really needy type of heater. With a boiler you can basically ignore it for fifty years and it doesn’t matter. Sure you pay a high initial cost, but after that it requires basically no heating maintenance. The only time the boiler needs to be replaced is when new parts are no longer made. Heated flooring is protected under there. The HVAC dealer can’t even access it. Besides checking to make sure it still works, what is he going to do? A furnace requires yearly heating maintenance though. The furnace sucks up quite a bit of dust. Even replacing the air filter every month isn’t good enough. The dust gets into the inner workings and slows down the product. If you arne’t on it with cleaning, the dust could cause the system to run longer, harder hours. Teh heater then would overheat and potentially catch on fire. If it overheats and has a cracked heat exchanger, that is almost worse. A damaged heat exchanger means it is time for a new furnace. The heat exchanger is a very expensive part, nearly as much as a new furnace. It also releases carbon monoxide when cracked. This is a colorless gas that is poisonous to inhale. You could die from prolonged exposure. So to ensure my family is safe, I need to clean and care for this machine constantly. It isn’t even the best type of heater on the market either. It is more work than it is worth.

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