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HVAC ductless construction for a home office

Although it didn’t begin with the pandemic, I was sure that I was prepared for the change as a result of the pandemic.

  • I was supposed to earn my master’s degree, work for a few years for a corporation, and then strike out on my own.

However, I had been working at my job for a little over ten years before I decided to leave the office’s zone-controlled HVAC system and work remotely from home. So much for simply breathing the commercial HVAC system for a few years. I have, in fact, gained a lot of knowledge and refined my skills while developing my career in the business. However, having a corner office with a personal thermostat was never really something I wanted. And being at home with my own air conditioning while the pandemic was at its worst reminded me of that fact. So I made the decision that there really wasn’t a better time to go out by myself. While I was making final plans, I asked to continue working remotely from home. I installed a ductless heat pump this past fall to complete my home office. Previously, this served as my guest room, but I like that I’m doing it without the overhead of an office. As a consultant, I’ll want to expand with staff and other things before renting an office. Currently, only baby steps. However, I’m thrilled to have such excellent heating and air in my new home office. I like that my office has a separate HVAC system from the rest of the house so I can set the temperature exactly how I want it while I’m working. In a way, I suppose, I am actually enjoying having my own thermostat in my office.

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