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How these HEPA filters work

Have you ever wondered how those HEPA filters can catch all the things they manage to catch? I’ve always wondered how they are able to keep your air quality so clean.

I assume they work well, however how exactly do they work? This was a question I asked our local heating and A/C specialist when he came out to repair an air conditioner problem I was having.

I told him that I had recently switched to HEPA filters because of how great they are in the home. He then explained to me exactly how the HEPA filter works. He said that they have a bunch of microscopic fibers and that they are responsible for catching all the dirt as well as debris in the air in your home. These papers are so small that they are able to catch even the tiniest pieces of bacteria, as well as particles that would otherwise absolutely make their way through. If this dust and bacteria was to make its way through, it would then be flowing around in your air, which you would then be breathing in. However, as soon as the HEPA filter stops them, it prevents them from getting into the air and therefore helps to keep you healthy, which is why there are so many benefits to using a HEPA filter. When he explained this to me it all made sense, and I understood how HEPA filters work and was pretty amazed by the technology. It was actually great to have a HEPA filter to use myself because they actually did give me great air quality.


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