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Heating system had friends in it

One day I noticed that I started to see things crawling around in our home. It all started with one that walked across the floor while I was making breakfast, and then there was another one I saw that was on our couch while I was enjoying the television. I then saw one on the wall while in the great room and I started to freak out because what I thought was just one incident of a roach getting in from outside was turning into me seeing multiple bugs inside our home. I started looking all over our home to see if I could find where these things were coming from, yet no matter where I looked I couldn’t find any spots that showed where they were emerging from. So eventually I just stopped and hoped they would just disappear, but the issue just got worse. I started seeing more and more and then I started noticing a bunch of them crawling up our wall. I followed the line and noticed that they were coming out of the air ductwork. That’s when it hit me, they were up in the a/c system! I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to call a heating, ventilation and A/C worker or an exterminator. I live in the south of the country, and so sporadically my man and I have these massive cockroaches that come in from outside. They’re horrible and disgusting and I wanted to get rid of them as soon as we could. I called our heating specialist first because I decided it’d definitely be best for little old me to confirm that I did have an infestation in our air ductwork. The HVAC specialist came out and took a look and confirmed I did have some in our air vents, which was where they were coming from. He suggested that I should have a bug lady come and get rid of them first, and then after that she can come back out and do a cleaning, and so I agreed to this.


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