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Correcting poor HVAC procedures

I’m done with playing.

Regarding the cooling in our house, that is exactly how I feel.

Just being aware of the HVAC system and thermostat is really all I’m asking, in my opinion. During the summer, our utility bills can become astronomical if we aren’t careful. That simply does not occur anymore. With my family, I have begged and made efforts to persuade them. It seems to enter one child’s ear and exit the other when they are speaking. However, even my wife, who concurs with my thesis, is guilty of letting the cooling go out of control. I’ve pleaded for assistance with the air conditioning for years at family meetings and even in person visits to each family member. But since I’m the only one paying attention to the thermostat, nothing changes, and by August my utility bills have ballooned. This year, that is different. Truth be told, it has already changed. But my family simply isn’t aware of it yet. When the HVAC technician came out to perform maintenance on the heating system late last fall, I had a smart thermostat installed. That is obviously not a concern of mine because there isn’t much demand for heating down here. However, I am aware that I can prevent anyone else from using the manually operated thermostat if I use the smart thermostat. I can’t wait to witness the first instance when someone tries to turn the air conditioning down but is unable to do so as March moves into full swing. Installing a video camera would allow me to record the event. I will now be the only person with access to the code needed to manually operate the smart thermostat. I made an effort to convince my family, but I’m just going to correct our bad HVAC practices going forward.



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