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Changing out the old dirty filters

It’s time for me to change our air filters, as my other ones have to be changed every month.

I assume that most people only have to change their filters every seven months, even though I have to change our air filters every month because of how dirty it is.

I started using HEPA filters because I’ve noticed that it has increased our air quality significantly. Ever since I saw our air quality improve, I’ve wanted to have a better life by continuing to use HEPA filters. I can’t believe I used disposable air filters for so long when HEPA filters are apparently the superior choice. There was only one problem, right when I actually needed them the cooling company ran out of them. I’ve gotten used to buying them every month, and I should have purchased them in bulk because I was making a mistake of only buying one at a time when I needed it. Well something great happened, those HEPA filters went on sale one day. The problem was that because they went on sale, everybody was scrambling to get some, and there were people even fighting over the filters. Well, unfortunately for me, I was one of the last people to make it to the heating and AC store and so I was unable to get my hands on one of them. But, I still needed a filter and I was going to continue to look elsewhere to see if I could try to find one. After searching various heating and cooling suppliers I finally found one.

link here