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allergy relief and air purification

Now that spring has arrived, it’s nice to feel this way.

Even though it’s still only February, spring has officially arrived in this area.

As I type this in my home’s central air conditioning, I can see green outside the window from where I’m writing. Additionally, it is one of the few times in recent months that the heat pump has turned on. Today’s high was in the middle of the 80s, but now that it’s cooling off, the temperature is just right for me to go to sleep tonight. The season for air conditioning is, therefore, in a sense, here. Normally, that causes me a lot of anxiety and prompts me to visit the pharmacy. Seasonal allergies are prevalent, along with air conditioning and new growth. I have long struggled greatly with this. Tree and grass pollen have a tendency to make me extremely ill. But I won’t be concerned about this February. In fact, I’m kind of curious to see what the entire home air purification system can accomplish. I saved money to buy an air purifier like this. Because I don’t have to move it around the house, it operates inside the HVAC system. This air purifier also has no filters that need to be cleaned. However, this device completely removes all airborne contaminants. Therefore, I won’t have to deal with pollen floating around in the air inside my home. At least the house will now serve as a safe haven where my respiratory system won’t be attacked nearly all the time. The indoor air quality has already been greatly improved by this air purifier. Our indoor air is so crisp and clean these days that I find it hard to believe. I’m all set for spring now.


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