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Should I get radiant heated floors?

In the last few years my arthritis has gotten quite intense.

I was taking medication for it, and adjusting my diet to pacify it, but eventually my old age caught up with me and the arthritis was painful all day, every day.

At this point I cannot win the battle, I can only mitigate the symptoms. I have started smoking a lot of pot, and supplementing that with CBD oil, and that does provide some relief. I have been doing some research online about other things I can try. One of the most interesting prospects was super expensive, but seems worthwhile. Radiant heating under the floorboards is a rare type of heating system that is supposed to work wonders for people like me. The only problem with this kind of heating system is the price, which is a little bit high. The HVAC team doesn’t merely have to install a new system, they also have to rip up the floors and then replace them afterward. This is work intensive, which is why HVAC contractors charge so much for it. I got price quotes from the only two heating companies in the area that handle this kind of system. I found out that many HVAC companies don’t even offer radiant heated floors, because it’s such a specialized kind of system. As they say “you only live once” so I’ve decided to bite the bullet, pay the extra money, and get radiant heated floors for my home. It will take two or three weeks, but once the radiant heated floors are installed I will write a review.


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