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Our grandparents use the gas furnace quite heavily these days

We honestly like visiting our grandparents as often as we can, and they live about 25 hours away.

We moved further out to the edge of town after university, but our grandparents still live in the same cottage they’ve always wanted to live in, in a small neighborhood near the downtown area.

We tend to visit them a few times a month, and we honestly like simply talking about life and how things are going and reminiscing and listening to their stories. One thing we have noticed lately, however, is that they prefer high temperatures more and more. We did not honestly notice all that much when we were kids, but as adults, it seemed like our grandparents preferred the high temperature on the control unit. These days it’s nearly unbearable, because it’s the winter, and as a result, they crank up the control component just about as high as it can go. We worry about them, because they have a gas furnace and we imagine their electric bills to be quite high. We insisted that they install carbon monoxide detectors, at least, in the event of a gas leak. Both of us are cheerful that we seem to have the funds to maintain our gas furnace, and it’s relatively new, because it was replaced just a few years ago. So we are cheerful about that. It’s just that we can tell that they’re frail, aging bodies just cannot seem to retain hardly any heat anymore. That’s why we like getting them all sorts of colorful and comfortable blankets as gifts, which they appreciate

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