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Mike loves to clean the air filters

Working in fast food can be stressful.

You have customers at times not satisfied with their orders or at times it’s on us making the mistake.

Being understaffed after the pandemic doesn’t help either. We do have a few great crew members working for us though and without them we’d probably have to close down our restaurant. We are always hiring but no one can take the heat. Our small core of employees are Sarah, Rachael, Stew and Mike. There are others of course but these four keep the restaurant running. As the manager of this fine establishment, we try to make the best experience for every customer that walks through our doors. Sarah is the cashier/order taker and always greets each and every customer with a smile, Rachael handles putting the meals in bags for the customers, Stew is the main cook but Mike helps here and there and Mike’s main job is to make sure the restaurant is clean. I never met a guy like Mike that loves to clean all the time. This guy comes in before anyone and sets the thermostat to a comfortable temperature for the employees and the customers. Then he will go around double check the lobby and kitchen to see if anything needs to be cleaned. He will then clean the air filters throughout the restaurant. If anything goes wrong with our heating and cooling he’ll call an HVAC tech that we have a contract with to come in and fix whatever needs to be done right away. John has been employee of the month for the last three months and I’m grateful we have a person like him working for us.

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