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Massive sale on central heating

I’m a lead salesman for our beautiful little community.

You may wonder what I sell.

I can say I sell pretty much anything. I work for a store that pretty much sells anything electronic. We are the only store within 100 miles so it’s kind of easy to do my job for our town and the surrounding areas. I have sold microwaves, refrigerators, smart thermostats and etc. With summer arriving within the next two months we have really stocked up on air conditioners. I know these will sell like hotcakes and I’ll make a pretty penny off of commission. I remember a few years ago I didn’t know anything about air conditioning units but I did a lot of research and talked to some HVAC technicians to improve my knowledge of them. That’s the thing about me, I will do the research and go above and beyond to know everything I can in order to make a sale. This is what I try to teach my colleagues but no one will ever listen. That’s really fine by me because I am making way more money than any of them. Just talking to the cooling experts makes me more aware of my own air conditioning unit and air filters at home. Every month I clean out my air filters and make sure that’s an expense I don’t have to worry about going forward. So we have an order of 50 air conditioners coming in so we plan on selling all of them within two weeks. If everything is good we’ll order 50 more!
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