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It could lead to problems with my air ducts

It’s hard to believe one issue could lead to so many others, but it’s true

The ceiling in my home office collapsed last week, and I’m looking at a huge bill to get it fixed. Part of me wants to just tack up some plastic sheeting and not worry about fixing the ceiling. However, a contractor looked at the damage and said that it could get worse. Basically I am in a pickle at the moment, because it will cost three thousand bucks to fix the ceiling. I don’t have three thousand bucks, and don’t know how I could possibly get it. On the other hand, if I don’t have the damage repaired it could eventually impact my HVAC system and my electrical grid. The problem is not with the HVAC system itself, it was due to poor work by the contractor when he built this place. The ceiling in my office was obviously done by a novice, because he secured the sheet rock to the same support holding the HVAC ductwork in place. This means that eventually the rest of the ceiling could collapse, and bring down the air ducts with it! I already need to replace the ceiling, the last expense I need is to also replace the HVAC ductwork. But wait, the problem could get even worse! Like dominos falling, once the ductwork collapses it could rupture and damage the air handler or other vital components of the central HVAC system. It’s hard to believe one issue could lead to so many others, but it’s true. I am meeting with an HVAC contractor later this week to discuss my options for repair, and to get a price quote.

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