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In the Deep South we rely on our air conditioners

Living in the deep south is not for wimps.

It takes a person made of stern stuff to survive in the swampy southeastern corner of the country.

For example, consider the bug population for a moment. In this area we have bees, wasps, hornets, sixteen different kinds of ants, centipedes, millipedes, mosquitos, gnats, and palmetto bugs, which is what we call giant flying cockroaches. Even with monthly pest control services, this is a very buggy place. The insects thrive here because of the awful heat and humidity which plagues us for most of the year. It is essential to have my central HVAC system inspected and tuned up twice each year, because I can’t go for a single day without air conditioning. Although temperature control is important, it is just as vital to maintain clean, clear indoor air quality. Think of it like this – because of all the bugs and the stifling humidity, it’s rare that I can open up the house for natural ventilation. With no natural ventilation, the house starts to slowly get more stale and dank due to the recycled air. This means that ductwork cleanings and regular air filter replacements are vital to maintaining a healthy household. This is also why air conditioning is so vital down here. A/C not only protects our comfort levels, but it can enhance the quality of the air we breathe. Whenever the outdoor temps do normalize for a few days, I make sure to open up the whole house for natural ventilation, which always makes such a huge difference.



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