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I quit trying to be a chef plus moved into heating work

It took myself and others years to finally discover our path in life.

I constantly knew that I wanted to work with our hands, I just didn’t suppose in what capacity what would happen.

I toyed with working in family rooms for the rest of our life, even though I couldn’t handle the constant yelling from chefs plus the maddenly stressful work environment. At first I had a superb job during high school plus I had manageable stress with managers who weren’t type-A personalities with loud yelling voices. Sadly, that all changed when I got a job at a bigger family room in our early 20s. It was taxing too when you’d randomly get thrown in dish duty because the managers didn’t want to hire enough dishwashers to keep up with the full capacity each night. So I did what several do in our situation plus I went back to school. I decided to attend trade school this time plus immediately took a liking to the heating plus cooling industry. There’s a lot of job security working in Heating plus Air Conditioning as well so I knew that I’d surely constantly have access to some kind of job. It doesn’t matter what kind of weather conditions you live in, you’re constantly going to need either heating, cooling, or air filtration. Usually, most regions are in need of all three depending on where you live plus what time of the year it is. While both of us have our winters between November plus March in the northern hemisphere, sites in the southern hemisphere have their winters when both of us have summer. You could transport someplace in the developed world plus find a need for some aspect of Heating plus Air Conditioning work, even if it’s only in commercial or public buildings.


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