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Found money in an old air duct

What would you do if you found a lot of money that nobody knew was missing? I don’t mean stealing from a person, which I consider wrong in all cases.

I am not a thief, and was raised with a strict religious upbringing. In this case, I am not taking money from a person. I found the money, and to my knowledge it was never reported as being stolen. I could do the legal thing, and report the money to the cops. Then the cops would take it, and I could sleep easy knowing I did the right thing, but lose all the money. I was taking down a series of broken air ducts in an old building downtown. The place had been empty for years, but the city officials needed all the HVAC systems and air ducts stripped out of it. In one of these old air ducts I found a bundle of old bills wrapped in plastic. Based on the dates I found on the money, I’d say it’s been in the ductwork for at least 20 years. I make decent money as an HVAC tech, but this was enough to help me for years to come. Which leads me back to my original question – should I keep it? If I hadn’t found it and taken it home it would have sat inside that air ducts until the building was demolished, and it would have been lost forever. I will probably go back to work at the HVAC service on Monday, and pretend like I didn’t find anything.
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