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Bob's air vents were disgusting

The other morning I went over to let our neighbor Brad’s dogs out for him… He’s always doing stuff for me all the time plus I thought that this time, I would try to do something nice for him.

I knew that he was going to have to labor extra late the other night plus so I told him that I would go over to his lake house to let his many dogs out for him.

They were in their crates plus I felt sorry for them because all they wanted to do was go outside plus play! I told him that I would go plus let them out since he was stuck at work. I had no idea what I was in for when I went over to his house, though! It was really chilly outside that morning plus so I expected the heating idea to be running when I went into the house. However, when I went into the house, the temperature inside was chilly. I even felt bad for the dogs because the indoor air quality was so bad. I wondered why the gas furnace wasn’t running in the lake house when the temperature inside was so cold. I thought that it felt really gross inside of the lake house but I wasn’t sure why. I went over to check the heating vents in the family room over where the dog crates were. That’s when I saw what the concern really was! The heating vents were completely chock full of dog hair. There was no way that any air from the ventilation ducts were getting through that to heat the rooms in the house. I don’t assume how Brad plus his dogs were even living there.