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Water heater services were needed.

An hour later, the plumber was knocking on the door.

It was the day before my wedding, and there was flurry of activity in the house. All the bridesmaids were gathered around waiting for their marching orders from the minister. The wedding was to take place a 11 AM the next morning. As soon as the minister left, we all gathered together and started taking showers so we could be prepared for an early morning visit to get our hair, nails, and makeup done. I was barely five minutes into my shower when the water ran cold. I threw a robe around my body and ran out to tell mom I didn’t have any hot water. She softly swore under her breath, and told me she had been telling dad to get the water heater fixed. She called dad, who called a plumber, then called mom back with a report. The plumber wasn’t going to get to the house for at least an hour. Several of us braved a cold shower, but that didn’t take care of everyone. An hour later, the plumber was knocking on the door. I couldn’t believe it when my fiance was the plumber that came to the house. I ran from the room because mom told me it was bad luck to see the bride the evening before the wedding. He yelled to me and said he would have the water heater repaired in a short time and how much he loved me. I couldn’t believe the water heater services had sent my fiance, the plumber to repair the hot water heater the night before his wedding.


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