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Utilizing the wood stove for Christmas

It was Christmas Eve, and as was our tradition my own whole family was gathered in the entryway to actually watch films and eat snacks! My partner made caramel chips, my daughter baked cookies, and I kept myself busy giving refills of egg nog; however, it was a chilly frigid night outside, but toasty and warm in our humble home.

My buddy and I were in the middle of Home Alone, one of our holiday joys, when the power went out.

I evaluated outside, and saw that every condo on the block was dark. My buddy and I lost our power, which meant my pal and I also lost our heating. My buddy and I have an absolutely nice central gas furnace, but what good is an electric furnace when there is no electricity? Almost instantly the condo started cooling off, and I knew it could get dangerous frigid before much longer.… Thinking rapidly, I told my partner and youngsters to clean all the junk away from the cement fireplace, and I took an ax outside to chop some firewood. Instead of letting the lack of heating ruin our Christmas, I was going to build a roaring fire and make it assume special; you can’t deny there is something absolutely homey and passionate about a cement fireplace. The youngsters wound up having a good time, and they made smores over the sparks of the fireplace. The following afternoon the power was still out, so I made another fire in the fireplace so my pal and I could stay warm while opening presents. I was sleepy from splitting wood, so all I really wanted for Christmas was a working furnace.


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