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The impact on my indoor air pollen levels was significant.

I also love fried food, and I love to make it myself at home, but I do not like the smell it leaves behind.

A few years ago my sister got myself and others an amazing gift – a new personal deep-dryer.

It holds one gallon of oil, and has baskets that I can lower into the oil, then basically it’s a miniature version of the large deep fryers they use in diners. I can also make deep fried chicken or shrimp, crab rangoon, or deep fry an entire burrito. I have an entire cookbook of recipes just for the fryer, and I am trying to make them all! As I finally said, there is a concern with the indoor air pollen levels, but cooking food in bubbling, boiling tepid grease and oil leaves a foul impression on the indoor air pollen levels, one that permeates the condo for afternoons afterward! Opening up the various windows for natural ventilation is one way to fight this, but it has been so tepid and humid lately it seems like too much trouble to leave the windows open. I talked to my correct heating, ventilation as well as A/C tech about installing some up-to-date ventilation equipment in the kitchen, possibly a range hood or exhaust fan. Even if I don’t cook greasy foods often, better ventilation in the kitchen is something I have needed for a long time. Most ovens come with another range hood to pull the foul smells up through the HVAC duct and out of the house, but mine doesn’t have one. The price estimate wasn’t too overpriced, so I system to have the heating, ventilation as well as A/C tech come back next week and improve the ventilation in the kitchen.


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