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The HVAC technician was really nice

Most of the air conditioning service technicians who visit my home are impartial.

That’s okay, I know a reliable local heating company, and I appreciate the guys who came to my house after I made a heating and air conditioning appointment.

The technician at the nearby HVAC company is very cordial. He wanted to talk to me the entire time he worked on my HVAC system, which was fine with me because I adore meeting new people. As a result, we had a lengthy conversation during which we discussed a wide range of topics, including how he became a heating and cooling technician. I had no idea how much training HVAC technicians need to complete in order to become heating and air conditioning technicians. What they say is accurate, they do have a lot of schoolwork to complete. When he told me that he received his HVAC certification while attending college, I thought his entire story was fascinating. He said that he was glad that I was interested in hearing his story because most people, in his opinion, just didn’t seem to be. I enjoy learning about his life and story. I like finding out how people are doing. He told me he was enjoying tuning up my heating and cooling system and that he was very satisfied with his job. As soon as everything was in working order after about 30 minutes of work, he told me to have a great day and left. I couldn’t stop to think about how great it was to have an HVAC technician that likes to interact with his customers. What a good man.


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