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The hotel director got us into a much nicer room

My partner as well as I took the kids to our parents home for the weekend so my friend and I could go away to celebrate our birthday.

My buddy and I dropped off the kids on Friday after work was finally over.

My partner had all of our bags packed as well as ready to go. I managed to get our boss to let me go at 2:00 instead of 5:00. My partner was entirely too surprised when I got home at 2:30. She wasn’t expecting me until 6:30. The traffic in the morning is a lot worse than the traffic was at 2:00. My buddy and I even made it to our Dad as well as dad’s home in a pretty relaxing time too. My partner as well as I were off to our romantic weekend away before I was supposed to be off work at 5:00. I was happy to get to our hotel early. My buddy and I weren’t planning on having lunch at the hotel, but I thought my friend and I could simply sneak downstairs for something special. When my friend and I checked into the hotel, the front desk clerk was entirely nice as well as accommodating, and she explained exactly how to get to our hotel room as well as asked if my friend and I also needed help with the bags. My partner as well as I had some troubles with our heating as well as the A/C unit. My buddy and I couldn’t get the air conditioner to turn on at all. The heat option was laboring, but it didn’t seem as if the air conditioner button was working at all. When my friend and I complained about the A/C troubles to the director, she moved us to an even nicer room with a view of the strip as well as complimentary champagne.

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