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The ductwork didn’t line up right

I bought a home that had giant, vaulted ceilings.

It had wooden beams and in between them a popcorn ceiling.

I hated that look. I ended up getting a super tall ladder, pole and scrapper. I scraped all the popcorn, mudded and sanded. I then painted it white in between the wood beams. I look so much better. You really get to know a house when you are way up in the air. I found some water damage in the skylight and that the beams needed another coat of varnish. I also noticed that the vent opening to the room wasn’t right. Whoever cut for the vet didn’t do it straight. Only half of the ductwork was exposed in the opening. That meant that only a portion of the AC was getting out of that room. Combine that idea with such tall ceilings, it made sense why that room was so hot. I figured I could just cut the hole bigger, but I decided to call for ductwork services. The guy was really nice and friendly. He was appalled at how he set up the ductwork. He opened up the hole for the vent opening to make sure everything was straight. He also took a peek inside the ducts to see if ductwork sealing or cleaning was needed. He did a quick clean and the place was good as new. My vaulted ceiling room was finally super cold with the full amount of AC coming in. I like knowing that the ductwork is all clean and airtight as well. I am really glad that I call for ductwork services rather than do it on my own.
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