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Rental home’s fantastic HVAC

It was a nice reminder of how good I have it now

Admittedly, I was not looking forward to moving into this rental home. I had just lost my previous home, and so now I was forced to move somewhere else. And even though I didn’t want to move into the rental home, it was better than an apartment which I honestly could consider my enemy. I hate living in apartments, and I have never had a good experience in them. Anyways, I chose this rental home because it was the cheapest I could find. However, there were a couple of things for me to look forward to. One, the landlord was incredibly nice. She actually baked my husband and I cookies as a welcome home gift, which was much appreciated. We actually talk on the phone sometimes, and I could honestly consider her a friend. The second thing is quality heating and air conditioning. You don’t realize how important having good quality heating and cooling is until you are without. When I lived in all of those apartments, the heating and A/C was rarely ever good. I spent my summers hot and my winters cold. It was a nice reminder of how good I have it now. Anyways, the friendly landlord informed me that the HVAC technology in this rental home was brand new, she just had a HVAC worker install new heating and A/C equipment a year ago. That would explain why the heating and cooling is so good in this home. Even in my previous home, the HVAC was quite old, so this is the first time I have experienced new heating and air conditioning technology.