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My hubby is too busy at his HVAC job

It seems like my husband lives more at his heating and air conditioning company than he does in his own home because he is too busy working a nice job! Why won’t he visit his house and hang out with me? We haven’t had the best relationship and we’ve been going through some rough patches, but are we really ever going to fix it if he’s always wanted to stay away? It seems like he tries to avoid me as much as possible.

Maybe I’m overthinking it and he just really enjoys working in the HVAC industry.

He is, after all, a heating and air conditioning technician, and as such, he frequently travels for urgent heating and air conditioning repairs. You wouldn’t believe how many people neglect to have their heating systems serviced in the winter, as a result, when the chilly winter months arrive and their heating system inevitably breaks down, they call him, and the business dispatches him to the scene for emergency HVAC repairs. I wish my husband didn’t have to be available at all times on call. He might have to leave in the middle of something crucial to go and fix a heating and cooling system for a person who needs it. My husband needs to find a different line of work, though. He is simply overworked at his heating and air conditioning job, so I think I’ll talk to him about trying to see if he can find a different job where he isn’t working quite as much. I’m hoping that’s okay with him.


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