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I may give up air conditioning completely

I know it sounds a little crazy to say this, but I’m considering giving up air conditioning completely.

This is because I’ve noticed that running my heat and air conditioning system these days is getting more and more expensive.

I want the heating system I have because I live in a cold climate and I can’t fathom not having any form of heat in my home. I’d have a miserable time, and I’d be cold all the time. However, I don’t really need my air conditioner because the climate where I live is really mild by nature, and it only occasionally gets hot here. I’m also sick of spending extra money on tune-ups and other maintenance for my air conditioner, which I hardly ever use. Therefore, I believe that I will sell my air conditioner and instead put all of my attention into maintaining and caring for my heating system. In any case, I really need a heating system. I believe I will post a classified ad in the neighborhood offering my air conditioning system for sale. I won’t save any money, but I will be able to profit somewhat from the sale. Of course, I’ll still have to pay for my heating, but that’s okay because I need it. As I previously mentioned, I appreciate a cozy home during the winter. Although I am aware that some people could not imagine living without an air conditioner, for me, it will be a change. I’m fortunate enough to not need their air conditioning, unlike other people who live in areas where it’s extremely hot.

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