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I had ductless installation planned

My boss gave me the schedule for Thursday and Friday on Wednesday before I left the heating and air conditioning repair shop! On Thursday I was going to help with a ductless installation task and on Tuesday I was tied up for a commercial repair in the afternoon and another ductless insulation task in the day.

After I saw the schedule for Tuesday, I knew exactly why my boss let me go home early after finishing up with the first ductless installation task.

I was going to be working all day.. After the commercial repair, it was going to take at least 6 hours for me to install the ductless heating and cooling method at the residential address. When my girlfriend went into labor a week early, I had to find someone to cover my shift. I called my boss in the afternoon and I told him that my girlfriend was at work. He told me that it was actually just nothing and that I should come to work. I told my boss that I would come to work if the doctor said there was nothing wrong. I was going to the emergency room with my bestie, she wasn’t going to be alone even if it meant that I was going to get fired from my task. On our way to the emergency room, I called a couple of people to see if they could cover my shift. I found one of my buddies that was off on Tuesday and switched afternoons with him. My girlfriend delivered our baby later that day.

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