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An HVAC hoarder's nightmare!

A new person by the name of Steve Smith moved into town and he required some updates to their heating and cooling system.

To be honest, I saw the house he bought and it’s going to need much more work than this but I guess if you have to start somewhere, living comfortably with a good HVAC system is important.

I guess an HVAC tech’s job never gets boring though. As I walked into the house I saw garbage everywhere! Technically it isn’t garbage but it wasn’t great to look at either. I know Mr. Smith has only lived here for about 3 weeks now but he apparently doesn’t like to unpack things or he likes to collect boxes from every place he sees one. The floors were still dirty and his house smelled of cigarette smoke. I saw empty cigarette packs on the ground and cigarette butts laying around the house. Doesn’t he know he can start a house fire by not properly disposing of these? As I walked through the house I saw even more boxes filled with thousands of magazines dating back to the 80’s. Why would someone collect old magazines? Eventually, I made it to his HVAC system, it was actually in good-looking shape and really didn’t need much attention besides a good cleaning. This thing hasn’t been on for quite some time so the dust has built up around his electric furnace and besides that, the air filters need to be replaced. It didn’t take long for me to clean it up and replace the air filters. I tried explaining to him what he can do in the future but I can tell he didn’t really care, especially after what I saw in his house.

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