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An air conditioner for a window will do

Yesterday, a heating and cooling professional tried to sell me a central air conditioning system.

A complete central air conditioning system is not necessary for me. Those items are pricey, but do I really need something that large? Sure, if I were a family with multiple rooms to cool, it might be different, but that is not the situation. The window air conditioning system in the small apartment building where I live, which has four small apartments, is perfect for my needs. Actually, window air conditioning systems aren’t ideal because I don’t like spending a lot of money on heating and cooling systems. They are inexpensive and simple to replace. But even though they are cheap, they have been very effective for me. As often as possible, I really like to have a lot of cool air brought into my apartment. I make it a habit to open windows and turn on the window air conditioning. The only thing about the window air conditioning system that worries me is my cat, not the window air conditioning system itself. My cat enjoys playing with my window air conditioner, and I worry that one day she’ll throw it out the window. To prevent her from accessing the area where the window air conditioning system is, I’m considering purchasing a pet gate. I really like my window air conditioner and don’t want it to break, but I also don’t want my cat to get hurt unintentionally. If she keeps fiddling with the window air conditioning system like she has been, I’m afraid she might fall out of a window.


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