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It was not the gas heater that was torn up

It wasn’t the gas furnace that was torn up after all… I thought that our gas furnace was torn up again the other morning but it turned out to be the temperature control instead.

I never really knew how pressing a temperature control was to your heating plus cooling system, but that morning, I figured it out.

It was really chilly outside here, plus the temperature inside of the lake house was getting colder plus colder. I wasn’t sure what the issue was, but I did not assume that there was anything wrong with our gas furnace because I had just had it inspected by our local heating plus cleaning dealer. If there had been an issue with the gas furnace, they should have fixed it at that point, but anyway, the gas furnace seemed to be working just wonderful even though the lake house wasn’t heating up at all, but that’s when I finally decided that I would check on the temperature control instead, when I went over to the temperature control, everything looked wonderful to me at first; But then we noticed that there was a little light blinking on it. The light was the signal to change the batteries in the temperature control unit. I had never even noticed it before, so I don’t assume that the batteries in the temperature control had ever been changed once since I have been living here! No wonder the lake house was so cold! I ended up decreasing the batteries in the temperature control plus everything turned out fine. I was really blissful that it was an easy fix plus not something that I was going to have to pay our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C contractor to come plus fix on our gas furnace!

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