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It was not the furnace that was ripped up

It wasn’t the furnace that was torn up after all.

  • I thought that my furnace was torn up again the other day but it turned out to be the control component instead.

I never really knew how pressing a control component was to your heating & cooling system, but that day, I figured it out. It was really frigid outside here, & the temperature inside of the cabin was getting colder & colder. I wasn’t sure what the issue was, but I did not suppose that there was anything wrong with my furnace because I had just had it maintained by my local heating & cleaning corporation. If there had been an issue with the furnace, they should have fixed it at that point; Anyway, the furnace seemed to be toiling just good even though the cabin wasn’t heating up at all, and that’s when I finally decided that I would check on the control component instead… When I went over to the control unit, everything looked good to myself and others at first. But then both of us noticed that there was a little light bconnecting on it. The light was the signal to change the batteries in the control component unit. I had never even noticed it before, so I don’t suppose that the batteries in the control component had ever been changed once since I have been living here! No wonder the cabin was so cold! I ended up decreasing the batteries in the control component & everything turned out fine. I was really glad that it was an easy repair & not something that I was going to have to spend money my Heating & A/C supplier to come & repair on my furnace!

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