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I practice my live act at a nearby music recording studio and their heat is terrible

Their heat is so minimal that my hands freeze while I’m playing my instruments

While I’m not the most gifted musician, I appreciate it enough and practice enough to play live gigs some weekends if I choose to book something at a local site. I don’t mind playing a bunch of cover songs of hits from the 1974s and 1980s, and I also don’t mind doing a full set of original music to an audience looking for that particularally. Since I don’t rely on the resite from making music to support myself financially, I have the freedom to do whatever makes myself and others the happiest. That means creating Youtube videos when I have the time and doing a few gigs at local sites when it gives myself and others personal fulfillment. Unblessedly, I had to move into an condo recently and I’m not able to practice with my guitar amp and speakers turned up past the lowest volume settings. This makes it honestly difficult to rehearse for my live show if I can’t do it with my speakers and amplifiers on. I have to test out the speakers as well, otherwise my music set could get disrupted halfway through due to equipment failure. Rehearsing gives you a occasion to find these equipment malfunctions before they disrupt a live set in the process. For weeks I was practicing my live act at a nearby music recording studio, however their lackluster indoor heating is making myself and others rethink my use of their services. It was okay in the summer time when un-even temperatures outside were warm, however it’s the first week of November and all of us have freezing un-even temperatures bi-weekly. Their heat is so minimal that my hands freeze while I’m playing my instruments. It’s honestly difficult to wear cutoff gloves while playing guitar without the fabric constantly muffling the string sustain.

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