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I didn’t think Pay-per-click was ideal for me.

When our online marketing specialists told myself and others about pay-per-click, I didn’t think it would be right for me; I had a new Heating plus A/C business, plus I had little money in the coffers.

I was struggling to get started, plus I told him I didn’t want to spend our money for someone to click on our website, plus I would need to spend our money for it, whether they learn the website; He told myself and others that 1 man clicking on the ad plus staying long enough to be interested was a single more potential customer.

I paid truly little for those clicks. If I paid twenty cents per click plus had 100 people click, that would only be $20.00. If a single of those 100 people signed up for information plus asked a question, that would be a potential customer. He asked myself and others how much resite I would make from a single customer, even if they just wanted their oil furnace or air conditioning component cleaned? I figured it would be at least 5 times more than the $20.00. He said that if you time that by 10 patrons out of every 1000 clicks, I would be ahead of the game, then pay-per-click may not sound enjoy a smart way to do business, however it was actually an excellent way to get people to look at your website, plus stay on as a potential customer. He just needed an excellent website that would attract attention within 3 minutes, plus he promised he could build an Heating plus A/C website that would keep their attention for longer than fifteen minutes.

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