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Home for the holidays with our HVAC control

I wasn’t so sure just how it was going to go at Christmas separate from dad, but this past holiday season was the first one since our dad died, and I knew that it was going to be actually different, however for one thing, Christmas was going to be inside our beach cabin this year.

And I’d be in charge of the temperature control for the first Christmas that I can remember! We’ve regularly gone to our mom and dad’s for the holidays! My fiance’s parents come to stay inside the central air conditioner of our beach cabin at Thanksgiving and then all of us do Christmas at our folks.

That’s the way it’s been for as long as we’ve been married! But I had never spent a Christmas separate from our father since I was born. After dad died, I went up to help our mom get that cabin on the market. The people I was with and I did a residential Heating, Ventilation, and A/C update along with a few other projects. The family beach cabin and property sold for a staggering price, however so then, our mom obtained a small condo just a few miles from us toward the end of summer. The people I was with and I live down south and so our mom is doing separate from a gas oil furnace or a boiler for the first time in her life. And our dad was regularly the temperature control hawk and could tell if I even budged it a little when I was visiting. So this past Christmas, I was the one to happily not have to worry about any temperature control setting. That day was moderate and attractive so that meant the heat pump was silent. But mom was here with us as was our sibling, but it was a appealing day and all of us all told stories about dad. It was nice to have Christmas in our cabin now. As though a baton was passed.

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