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Guest room has its own little heater

A few weeks ago, my spouse obtained a space heater.

Although our heating system system works just fine, the people I was with and I both thought that it would be a great system to have a heating back up, in case something ever happens to our main heating method.

However, neither of us realized how popular the heating device was going to be in our house. Our youngsters went crazy over the heating machine. I have never seen youngsters interested in Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit before, but ours were! Unblessedly, the peace was short lived and the fighting kicked in. The youngsters started arguing about who gets the space heating system, and for a while, the people I was with and I tried to let the youngsters each have the furnace in their room for brief amounts of time, but that didn’t stop the fighting. So my spouse and I sat down to talk. Usually the people I was with and I would just get rid of whatever was causing the fighting, but neither of us wanted to get rid of the section heater. So that is when the people I was with and I decided to transport the furnace to the guest room. The guest room has consistently been a bit on the cold side, and it would be incredibly nice for guests to have their own heating device. The two of us don’t have guests over all that often, but it would certainly make a nice touch to the room, and so that is what the people I was with and I decided to do. This stopped the fighting, but now the people I was with and I have the youngsters asking for us to buy them each a heating unit.

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