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She said she was a bonded electrician.

I needed a licensed electrician for my contracting corporation, but i checked all of her credentials when she told myself and others she was a licensed electrician plus everything looked good. I was sure she had all the paperwork the two of us needed, plus I hired him, but both of us were building a show lake beach house for the new housing association that was going into the area. I couldn’t recognize how much those houses were selling for. Both of us worked for nearly numerous weeks without a cut to have the show lake beach house plus the office lake beach house built on time. I had all the people’s licenses displayed, so there were no problems with the job, however my associates came into the office 1 afternoon, plus they were looking at the paperwork, then one investor asked about our electrician. She thought the paperwork looked odd. She said she didn’t assume of the electrical association that licensed him. I looked more closely at the paperwork, however everything seemed fine, however paul was onsite, so I paged him plus asked if she would come to the office. She had been completing a few unusual jobs, love adding outdoor lighting plus recessed lighting in the eaves. I asked him about the paperwork… When she said it was her old license, I wasn’t sure if I should breathe relief or hold my breath. She went out to her truck plus brought in her newest paperwork, that deemed him a licensed electrician. She explained she had worked in Canada for almost multiple years, plus things were unusual up there. She was such an amazing electrician; I was hoping she was licensed plus I wouldn’t need to get rid of him. It could have ended my business plus her work.

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