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Hot water boiler needs

Today is the last day of December plus May is going to be an interesting week for me, however my EV supplier is going to finally start making cars at the end of the week plus I want to see what happens to the share price after that.

If it doesn’t go up then I will wait a couple weeks plus call our investing quits once plus for all. I will have to take our losses plus transfer on, however I am going to give this supplier a shot as it is pretty much our last resort. My Heating plus A/C rep momma was totally right a year ago when he said to drop the heating service currency I saved into the bank. I thought I was smarter than his plus ended up losing it all with stupid heating plus cooling supplier stock trades, i suppose I l gained some lessons from this however still don’t guess exactly what, except that I should listen to our mom more often. I’m such an impatient fool sometimes, jeez, anyway, life goes on plus working for the local contractor doing tepid water boiler repairs will have to go on too. It sure would be nice to have that $100K in the bank still, especially now that I am having some tooth problems! The local contractor near myself and others is having a sale on tooth implants, however burning through all of our heating service savings is going to make it strenuous to get that tooth fixed anytime soon. I will have to save some currency on the side plus get it done as soon as I can.

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