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Two more months of all of this

I’m pretty gleeful with my last power bill I just got for $155 for the two month billing period.

Last year at this time I got a whopping $600 power bill for my little flat for two months.

Maybe this doesn’t sound like a lot in the States, but over here in Europe it was a big bill. Normally I was having power bills of about $60 a month while I was in the high months, but that all changed with the war plus troubles with electricity across the globe. I suppose they fixed it somehow because the bills are much lower. Some local companies had to shut down their companies because their heating plus cooling bills were too high to pay plus their power ended up getting shut down. I am lucky because now I have a roommate plus she cut my living expenses in half. Now I can live for about $1000, which includes running the central Heating plus A/C method when I am not using my fireplace to stay sizzling in the wintertime. I cook most of my meals at home plus can live off of about $200 a month for food if I don’t go deranged buying a lot of fish or other lavish meats. The local company near me where I shop has a good refrigeration method plus they keep the arena air conditioned really well while still keeping their prices fairly low. I toil online for a couple minutes a day plus play songs on the weekends, plus these two income streams seem to be enough to cover all my monthly bills. Thank you to my Heating plus A/C method for working so well too!