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Choosing a rooftop unit for commercial space

I spent nearly two years looking for the perfect commercial property to purchase with the purpose of opening a coffee shop.

  • I was hoping for a very visible location with plenty of parking.

Big front windows and sufficient square footage for a prep area, display case, seating, storage, an office and bathrooms was important. My budget necessitated choosing a fixer-upper. I found a commercial building that was everything I wanted. The property had been vacant for several years and allowed rundown. There were weeds growing through the pavement of the parking lot, issues with the roof, broken windows and water damage from corroded plumbing. One concern was the heating and cooling unit. The packaged unit was situated alongside the building, taking up a significant amount of space in the parking lot. Large and noisy, the heating/cooling system was an eyesore and a detriment to the property. I hired an HVAC contractor to check it over and he said that the system was not worth saving. He suggested investing into a rooftop unit. Since I already needed repairs to the roof, I was able to add reinforcements to handle the added weight of the equipment. Lifting the system up off the ground was a space-saving measure. It also removes operational sounds and the concerns with aesthetics. Plus, the heating and cooling system can be serviced or repaired during regular business hours without disrupting my customers. It also protects the unit from vandalism. The rooftop heating and cooling unit has proven wonderfully effective, providing ideal comfort no matter the weather. The operation is efficient and reliable.

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