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My friend gave help with interior design ideas.

I wanted cozy, livable, plus a home

When I purchased my house, I was at a loss on how to decorate, and i wasn’t great at decorating; My partner wouldn’t let me paint, because I made such a mess. I could cook anything plus cleaned love I was being paid. I could knit a tuxedo if I was given the dimensions plus do alterations on the most elaborate wedding gown, however I couldn’t hammer a nail in. I asked my brother who I should call for interior design ideas! She was a bit taken aback that I wasn’t recognizably asking for his help. She told me hse gave his help with interior design ideas before I even purchased the house. She decorated his entire home, plus it was a showpiece. I wasn’t sure I wanted a show piece. I wanted a beach house that was comfortable plus livable. She didn’t know a condo should just be comfortable, then a condo should wow someone when they walked in, however with his interior design ideas, he would provide me the wow factor I needed. I knew I didn’t want his plan of what a condo should look like. I wanted a beach house where the youngsters could play, plus my partner wouldn’t feel guilty if he walked in with mud on his shoes. I wanted cozy, livable, plus a home. She told me I was being insane, plus if I didn’t want his interior design idea, I wouldn’t want interior design ideas from anyone he knew. I started trolling through magazines plus talked to my partner whenever I found something I liked. When the people I was with and I were done with our plan of interior designing, the people I was with and I had the perfect beach house where the people I was with and I could relax plus be a family.


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