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He was so happy before he got married.

I kept looking at my child plus I was worried about him… He had only been married for more than eight months, plus he already looked miserable, i told my husband I knew the marriage wouldn’t labor plus now look at our son. He was happier before he got married, however my husband rolled his eyup. He reminded the man’s partner had recently been sent overseas… She was an accomplished Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist plus she was laboring on Heating plus Air Conditioning systems to keep the troops comfortable in the drastic conditions they had over there. I didn’t want to confess that my baby was missing his partner. I wanted to think he wasn’t cheerful plus would soon be moving back home. My husband was really annoyed with me. He told me to accept the fact that our child was a person plus he made his own choices; Every once in a while, my child would be on the computer plus I knew he was talking to Angela, then last week, he was all smiles when he got off the computer. He said Angela was coming home; The local Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation had already told her she could have her job back, however they had other plans. They were going to transport closer to the local Air Force base where she had been offered a job as head of the base Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation. They needed someone who could handle any situation that was thrown at them. I felt worried because I was leaving my son, although I had to confess he was knowing his partner would soon be home.