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Both of us needed our roofing, plus siding replaced.

My condo was getting pretty old, plus our spouse plus I thought it would be a wonderful time to sell; Both of us were getting older, plus could no longer do the upkeep that needed done, after talking to a realtor, he told us all of us needed to do some repairs if all of us wanted to get a wonderful price for the house, but i called a general contracting company plus asked for an assessment of the work that needed done.

They provided myself and others a time plus date for the assessment plus all of us called the realtor.

She said he would be there when the company showed up. I couldn’t know the questions they were asking. The company asked about the age of the roof; He wanted to recognize how seasoned the condo was, plus whether all of us had ever replaced the siding. By the time hmay note was done, I was sure it was going to cost more to make the repairs than what all of us could get for the house. He told us all of us needed our roofing plus siding replaced. He said he could do the roofing plus the siding replacement, however it was going to take several months before he could get it started. I asked about a cost for the roofing plus siding replacement, plus he provided us a quick estimate. I was sure there was no way all of us were going to sell this year, but I was sure that once all of us had the roofing plus siding replaced, it wouldn’t take long. If the roofing plus siding replacement didn’t get done this year, all of us may not sell at all, however the condo will be in better condition.


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